TrailRunMag 08.08.2011

If you’re like me, you’ll get a case of the enviro-guilts every time you have to buy a new set of batteries for one your electrical toys. Not that I’m saying sucking electricity from a grid powered by brown coal is much better, but it sure is cheaper and more convenient, and it definitely lessens the landfill equation. Which is why we love the Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp. It ticks all the boxes on the performance front, too: comfortable; throws out enough light (68 lumens) in a decent enough oval spray (“optimized for running”) to show you the way along that winding singletrack; and lasts long enough – 5 hours on max, 64 hours on minimum blast – and is waterproof (ish – what they mean is it will survive a downpour or a river dunking). Simple to simple to use, it has a one touch, easy to locate button (can be used with gloves on) that turns on and then dims to required setting as you keep pushing down. Although if I’m running I only ever go full strength. They quote 50 metres best distance, but on winding trail at night, you’re never needing that kind of reach anyway. It’s more about how it picks up the contours. Pretty well as would happen – although as a single point light source it’s only ever going to do so much. There’s a flash mode (never worked out in what situation I’d use that apart from signaling) and to benefit those trailing behind you, a red strobe lamp on the rear of the noggin, which also balances the weight somewhat. The rear unit is what sits in a nifty charger back at home base, with a six-hour recharge time. There’s also three plug adapters just in case you’re trailing overseas. Brilliant go-to headlamp for weekly trail runs.

RRP $169.95

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