Shoe review: Hoka One One Torrent

Torrent on Trail : TRM Editor Chris Ord trail tests the Hoka One One Torrent Everybody loves a mongrel. But nobody likes marketing bollocks. Which is why, when researching the Hoka One One Torrent, I had a giggle. Check out The Ginger Runner’s review of the Torrent and you’ll notice a bad overdubbing – like a kung fu classic with English voice over – whenever he says (obviously in the original filming) “One One”, it’s been overdubbed to “Ohnay Ohnay”….

Gear preview: Coros Vertix – mountain muncher

For some people, Game of Thrones is an addiction where the next fix of intrigue can’t come soon enough. For others it’s all about – believe it or not – trail gear and the ‘what next’? We find our tech dude, Dr David Lipman, hanging anxiously in front of a screen – not to see the final GOT instalment – but to see what next from his latest obsession, wrist nav tech from Coros. *Disclosure: David is a member of the COROS Global ‘Advocate…

Shoe Review: The North Face Flight RKT

Did I just kick a skunk? Or eat licorice allsorts and throw up on my feet? Or did someone just inject heroin between my toes?    Without wanting to glamourise drugs of addiction, it must be the latter because 1. I love animals (so I would never kick one, plus there are no skunks in Australia to kick); 2. I hate licorice allsorts (especially the black and white ones that would have resulted in such a vomitus display); and 3. my…


*Review from Edition 28 Trail Run Mag available at How do you follow up a hit record? That is, the original Salomon S/Lab Ultra (this new one is, well, new, even though it has the exact same name- they dropped the ‘2’ designation) was the best-selling S/ Lab shoe of all time. It obviously hit the mark on trail and on the showroom floor. So when something’s working what do you change in the quest for never-ending improvement? With…

Watch Preview: Suunto 9

TRM get a sneak peak of Suunto’s 9, their next-gen Multisport GPS Watch designed to go very, very long. Two years on from our preview of the Suunto Spartan Ultra, we’re proud to announce the Suunto 9 (S9), the next generation of Suunto GPS Smart Watches. In keeping with Suunto’s long tradition of producing premium quality tools for the outdoors, the S9 builds on the Spartan’s refined, suit-and-tie aesthetic with a spread of upgrades, improvements and function-focused new features tailored…

Shoe Review: Altra Lone Peak 3.5

Lone Ranger: hi-ho Silver, and away…. For those of you old enough: remember the Lone Ranger? Do-gooder Texas Ranger cowboy dude sporting a black eyemask (that never really did conceal his identity) and an eye-brow-raising, rather tight for the times, all-lilac-blue outfit replete with a dainty red neckerchief. I mean, seriously, who wears lilac blue when barrelling along on a trusty steed pursuing dastardly outlaws in the badlands of the Wild West? All that dust shows up terribly on lilac…

Review: Advanced Skin3 12-set

TRM Assoc. Editor, Tegyn Angel reviews Salomon’s Advanced Skin3 12-set.  It was around 2013/14, Ultra168 had just reviewed the Salomon XT Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 Set Hydration Pack, still possibly the longest product name in trail running history.  I’d pre-ordered the first Suunto Ambit, and now this piece of incredible goodness was about to do away with my CamelBak M.U.L.E. for good. A pack shaped like a vest! Of course, body hugging, bounce-free, gear-carrying glory, and just in time for The…

REVIEW: Suunto Spart Sport Wrist Heart Rate

TRM Associate Editor,Tegyn Angel, reviews – finally – the latest from Suunto, the Spartan Sport with Wrist (aka Optical) Heart Rate. So why did it take so long…? This is the hardest review I’ve ever had to write.  To my chagrin it’s taken a lot longer than I think is fair to Suunto (who provided the watch for this review) and for that, I apologise. I started writing this review on the flight from Melbourne to Ultra-Trail Australia, a full two months…

Trail shoe review: Saucony Peregrine 7

trail shoe review – Saucony Peregrine 7

Trail shoe review: Brooks Caldera

Caldera Crushers: Minimalism is dead? We’re unsure – maybe it’s still on life support waiting for its own next big breath of fresh air (although read If These Shoes Could Talk, final page of ED#22 Trail Run Mag printed edition, and you might argue otherwise). Regardless, the big boys in trail shoe land are certainly putting the max factor back on the table following the tidal wave of fat-bottoms that Hoka had gumption to float into the market with. And – especially…

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