Conquering Trails & Adversity

                WRITTEN BY: KATE DZIENIS IMAGE: THE EVENTURERS FIGHTING THE DEMONS WITHIN Tom Dade is young. He’s got a fire burning through him that’s hard to control, and it served him incredibly well when he took on one of Australia’s gnarliest races, the Down Under 135, earlier this year. The Victorian left behind a blazing trail so hot, he was this year’s only finisher, crossing that brutal finish line in an astonishing 53:07:53….


WRITTEN BY: TRM editor KATE DZIENIS SNOWY MOUNTAINS, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA Discover the iconic snowy mountains with one of the most scenic and challenging trail run courses found in Australia!  Australia’s home-grown trail running series Trail Run Australia heads to the Snowy Mountains for Round 3 of the National Series. The 2-day festival includes courses for every trail running craving you have – from hardcore ultra runners to beginners and the littlest mud rats, there’s something for everyone. Events…

There’s More Behind Felix Than Meets The Eye

                WRITTEN BY: KATE DZIENIS IMAGE: SUZANNE POLI MEET FELIX, WHERE HE’S MORE THAN JUST…FELIX To the average adult with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, forms of physical activity may take a back seat to almost all other activities. Studies have shown, though, that exercise is as important to the brain as it is to the rest of the body’s physicality, and it can change the brain’s neurotransmitters, protein growth and neurogenesis….

DREAM RUN: Lake District Grand Tour, UK

WRITTEN BY: TRM editor KATE DZIENIS PHOTO: SAM HILL GLORIOUS, AND EVER SO BEAUTIFUL, LDGT IN THE UK If there’s ever a Dream Run recommendation to put on your wish list, it’s the freakingly beautiful Lake District Grand Tour (LDGT) in the UK. Lake District in itself is England’s largest national park and now a World Heritage Site, so running through here means you’re in the presence of incredible natural history. Here in this stunning photograph by Sam Hill, runner…

Shoe Review: The North Face Flight Vectiv

                  REVIEWER: KATE DZIENIS IMAGE: SUZANNE POLI VERDICT ON THE VECTIV DID SOMEONE SAY CARBON PLATES IN A RACING TRAIL SHOE? Well, yes. Road shoes have utilised carbon-fibre plate technology for a while now, and The North Face was one of, if not the first, brand to put the same tech into a trail shoe – the Flight VECTIV. Taking a brand new pair out of their box, the Brilliant Coral/TNF White…

Shoe Review: Scarpa Spin Infinity

                  REVIEWER: KATE DZIENIS IMAGE: SUZANNE POLI TO INFINITY…AND BEYOND! INFINITE [in-fuh-nit]: ADJECTIVE, MEANING ‘IMMEASURABLE OR EXCEEDINGLY GREAT: UNLIMITED OR ENDLESS.’  Well known Italian brand Scarpa, infamous for their high quality ski mountaineering, hiking and outdoor equipment, launched just recently its first range of trail running shoe in Australia. With three ‘ranges’ of shoe for trail runners now available (Spin Ultra and Infinity, Ribelle Run and Golden Gate), I was given the…

They Call Him The Backyard King

                WRITTEN BY: KATE DZIENIS IMAGE: ASTRID VOLZKE HOW DOES PHIL GORE DO IT? WINNING ALMOST EVERY BACKYARD ULTRA IN AUSTRALIA AND SETTING RECORDS? He went from 5km a day to smashing yard records in Australian backyard ultras, and now he’s known as the Backyard King. Since his first 12km race in 2014, West Australian Phil Gore has gone from humble beginnings to having his presence known when walking up to the start…

DREAM RUN: Grand Canyon National Park, USA

WRITTEN BY: DANIELLA A. COLOMBO-DOUGOVITO PHOTO: DANIELLA A. COLOMBO-DOUGOVITO LET DANIELLA TAKE YOU THROUGH THE BLISS OF THE GRAND CANYON GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK IN THE US STATE OF ARIZONA is pure, unadulterated freedom, and pure magic for trail run lovers. Although most people think of only desolate desert when they hear of Arizona, the landscape is actually dotted with areas of high and low elevation deserts (with some elevations reaching over 8000 ft) as well as volcanic mountain ranges, and you…

Shoe Review: La Sportiva Akasha II

                  REVIEWER: ABDUL-RAOUF MOHAMED-ISA IMAGE: SUZANNE POLI Shoe Review: La Sportiva Akasha II CREATED WITH A FOCUS ON ENDURANCE, the La Sportiva Akasha II fits snug, but not too tightly around the forefoot. It’s a high cushioned shoe built specifically for longer runs on technical terrain, with its aggressive tread providing great traction and its ability to work at its best in wet and muddy conditions. In saying that, I found them…

Shoe Review: ALTRA Mont Blanc

                REVIEWER: KATE DZIENIS AS IMPRESSIVE AS MONT BLANC ITSELF PREMIUM PREMIUM PREMIUM. The newest member of the Altra family, the Mont Blanc, has literally sold out everywhere with demand outrunning supply. But don’t worry. Altra has heard the call and is returning this month in August with plenty of new sets available. And just why has it been such a success? Well, I’ll tell you one thing. The Mont Blanc shoe is…

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