Now’s a good time to buy: Pillar Performance Micronutrition

TrailRunMag 03.03.2022


SPORTS NUTRITION IS A BIT OF A PERSONAL THING. Whether you consider yourself a professional athlete or not, most humans need a little bit of help when it comes to vitamins and minerals – aka micronutrients. Crucial for a variety of activities in the body, including turning food into energy and keeping your joints stable, you may find it interesting to note that there are some which can affect how well you perform on the trails.

Let’s face it – as we get older, we tend to start lacking particular micronutrients, so it’s key to point out that deficiencies are likely to happen. Case in point, I’m vegetarian and to avoid anemia and nervous system damage I need to get my hands on a high quality vitamin B supplement; none of that other stuff found at local pharmacies that has goodness knows what else in them.

And here’s where Pillar Performance comes in. I’ve always been hard pressed to find a supplement that caters to the combination of diet and high impact exercise, but in waltzed Pillar Performance at the right time with their Ultra B Active Peak Performance tablet and BOOM. I’ve found an incredible formulation for my needs with vitamin B2, B6 and B12 all in the one hit.

Not only have I been indulging in the potent-strength vitamin B formulation (which is vegan, by the way and perfectly capped at 60 capsules) I’ve also started testing out Pillar Performance’s Motion Armour Joint Longevity tablets (60 of those too) as well as their Triple Magnesium Professional Recovery powder (200g).

I will admit, my knee joints are starting to get hit a bit hard, but within one week of taking the Motion Armour I already began to feel a significant difference in joint relief. It’s important to note here too that the ingredient formulation in the Motion Armour actually allows Pillar Performance to claim the product as one that can prevent cartilage breakdown, which is massive news for trail runners.

Damien Fitzpatrick is the founder of Pillar Performance. Name sound familiar? If you’re a rugby fan it should. He’s a recently retired NSW Waratah who has now turned his attention to sports micronutrition in a bid to provide athletes with the best supplement nutrition possible.

Working together with former World No. 1 triathlete and chair of the AFL Sports Dietitians Association Pip Taylor, they’ve developed a high end range of micronutrition products to ensure optimal performance across everyone’s athletic calendar. They noticed micronutrition was missing within the sports nutrition market, which tends to have a primary focus on macronutrients – carbs, fats and protein.

And now, having launched in mid-2021, evidence-based company Pillar Performance provides everything from the three products I’ve been trialling (Ultra B Active, Motion Armour and deliciously berry tasting Triple Magnesium powder) to supplements in calcium, vitamin C, omega 3, zinc and a unique high strength vitamin D3 formulation.

Their presentation and pride in the product is insanely impressive. Delivered straight to my door in a sleek black box with black shredded paper, and each black jar wrapped to the nines in black tissue paper, right off the bat I could tell this was a brand that takes pride in its merchandise. I also received a smooth as silk black travel tin in my package, ideal to pop a few capsules in if I ever have to leave town for a bit.

So after two months of taking my micronutrition, I have to say that I’m immensely pleased with the results I’ve been getting. The tasty recovery drink I make with the magnesium power (not too sweet, not too bland) is something I look forward to at the end of my long runs and strength training days, and the tablets are a great size too – no gagging or choking here.

Overall, Pillar Performance is a young start-up but they’re already lining up to be a frontrunner sports micronutrition name bound to make headway in the trail and ultra running world. If you’re keen to address your joint health, immunity, recovery and energy-support, give Pillar Performance a try.


In Australia
RRP Triple Magnesium Powder $34.99 AUD
RRP Motion Armour Joint Longevity $49.99 AUD
RRP Ultra B Active Peak Performance $34.99 AUD
All other products range between $20.99 – $52.99 AUD

In New Zealand
Pillar Performance is available in sports nutrition stores across NZ.
Items can be purchased online via the Australian website with a flat shipping rate to NZ of $14.90 AUD.