Get back to nature with the best gear

Lauren Shay 19.06.2020

Guest post by Mountain Designs

There has never been a better time for trail runners, hikers and nature lovers to get out into the world and take full advantage of the beauty of our glorious planet! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced outdoors person or an absolute newbie who has never stepped foot into nature before – there’s something for everyone out there, and as long as you equip yourself with the right gear, you’ll be sure to love every moment of your outdoor experiences.

Thankfully, you’ll find everything you need for an enjoyable and safe experience at Mountain Designs. Here’s a rundown of the most important gear:

Protective footwear

It can never be said too often – keeping your feet safe, dry and comfortable is vital for an enjoyable trail-running experience. If you get even a small blister or your feet, or your ankles get injured due to unsturdy footwear, it’s all over, rover! A good pair of hiking shoes or boots are so valuable. They should offer plenty of support, be lightweight and waterproof, have excellent grip and be able to withstand any type of terrain, from ice or sand to rocky ground or clay mud.

All of the carefully curated brands offered at Mountain Designs meet and exceed the requirements of even the roughest trail runner. Whether you choose to splash out on the supreme Zamberlan boot or something a little more affordable, you’ll be guaranteed to be buying high-quality footwear offering durability, breathability and ultimate support where it’s needed.

A good pack

On your next trail run, you’ll want a pack that’s comfortable, lightweight, durable and easy to use. It’s also a good idea for trail runners to get a pack with water storage (it’s easier than bringing a camel!). When judging durability, look for things like the quality of stitching around pocket entrances and at the base, as you’ll likely be roughly packing things into and out of your pack for years, in wind, rain, heat and snow. You’ll also be accidentally battering it against branches, rocks and similar, so you need something that’s tough as nails.

It’s all about the attention to detail that’s put into a pack, and your pack should definitely be made by a brand with experience in outdoor products. Again, you can trust Mountain Designs to offer quality hiking gear worthy of your hard-earned dollars. Whether you want a day pack, hiking pack, travel pack, duffle bag or hydration pack, you’ll be able to choose from a range that’s both functional and comfortable.

Navigation tools

It’s always a good idea to learn how to navigate with a map and compass, but let’s face it… it’s just so much easier with the help of technology. Even better, modern navigation tech can help you monitor things like your speed, distance and calories burned! Whether you’d prefer a handheld GPS or a snazzy smartwatch designed specifically for hiking, you’ll never lose your way if you have one of these handy devices.

You have plenty of choice with the navigation and other electronic devices available at Mountain Designs. They offer the most up-to-date tech that has been carefully selected for the use of outdoor enthusiasts. Just don’t forget to charge them before you set out on your trail run!

As you can see, when choosing the best gear, it’s all about the quality and attention to detail put into the products you buy. It can be difficult to find products that are designed for activities like trail running, but at Mountain Designs, you can be sure you’re getting back to nature with the best gear.