REVIEW: Blister Bomb anti chafe

TrailRunMag 20.10.2014

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You can stick Blister Bomber up your bum.

Literally, I mean. As in, if you’re on trail and the rub is getting raw between your cheeks, Blister Bomber is perhaps the best-qualified anti-chafe product to whip out there and then and salve the situation.

Of course, here’s where I recommend some caution: perhaps you slip off into the bushes first, for privacy-sake, and the fact that if someone comes hoofing around the bend just as you’re akimbo, shorts at half-mast, and in your hand is this little number, they will have some searching questions for you. That or you’ll get done for public indecency.

The Blister Bomber looks like a small vibrator for good reason, however: the applicator-style design works. Under the lid is a small no mess dab-on gauze, which accurately applies the anti-friction formula with ease, no matter where you need it. Nipples, bum cheeks, underarm, toes, heels, thighs…this product is the bomb when it comes to it. Also, the compact nature of the vessel makes it perfect for stowing securely on any number of your small exterior pockets on a hydropack making for easy access and quick application (unlike other tubs with screw lids, where you need to get the mess on your fingers).

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That said, getting antichafe on your body is less than half the battle. Having it work is the burning issue. This formula is hypoallergenic, odour-free and has no preservatives. Its approach is a mix of au naturale Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, matched to manmade ingredients, primarily in the form of Cyclo- and Dimethicone, silicon-based polymers which make products easily spreadable, so you get that gliding feeling of over your skin. The recipe helps form an invisible protective barrier on the skin. The other ingredient is Benzyl Benzoate, which is better than it sounds, being an organic compound actually listed on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. As a bonus to assisting the methicone family in abating friction, it apparently is also a repellent for chiggers, ticks, and mosquitoes. Learn something new every day.

The main point for those sweating it out long on the trails, is that Blister Bomber creates a second skin – a fine veneer of protection – that seems to do the job not just prohibitively but also retrospectively.

That moment where I was on trail shoving this stuff up my nethers (and imagining the look on the face of whomever was potentially coming around the corner), was a better-late-than-never application as a rub zone started to heat up 10km into a 50km run. It worked. Simple as that.

It significantly reduced the friction, halted any burning sensation, and stayed effective for the next few hours.

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Initially designed for military application (soldiers always get the fun toys first) Blister Bomber has since spread to civilian life and invaded all sorts of endurance sport communities, including trail running. So go stick a Blister Bomber up your bum – or wherever you need it for that matter – it’ll stop the rub.