Conquering Trails & Adversity

                WRITTEN BY: KATE DZIENIS IMAGE: THE EVENTURERS FIGHTING THE DEMONS WITHIN Tom Dade is young. He’s got a fire burning through him that’s hard to control, and it served him incredibly well when he took on one of Australia’s gnarliest races, the Down Under 135, earlier this year. The Victorian left behind a blazing trail so hot, he was this year’s only finisher, crossing that brutal finish line in an astonishing 53:07:53….

Creating the next generation of sports climate leaders

                  TRAIL RUNNING & CLIMATE LEADERSHIP, TOGETHER AS ONE WORDS BY: SIMON HARRIS Rather than despairing about the state of our planet, a small group of motivated runners with a deep passion for wild places have launched a new climate leadership camp in Australia.  Initially developed and launched in the US by trail runner Dakota Jones, Footprints is making its way to Australia in partnership with Patagonia, with the very first camp being held from…

There’s More Behind Felix Than Meets The Eye

                WRITTEN BY: KATE DZIENIS IMAGE: SUZANNE POLI MEET FELIX, WHERE HE’S MORE THAN JUST…FELIX To the average adult with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, forms of physical activity may take a back seat to almost all other activities. Studies have shown, though, that exercise is as important to the brain as it is to the rest of the body’s physicality, and it can change the brain’s neurotransmitters, protein growth and neurogenesis….

DREAM RUN: Lake District Grand Tour, UK

WRITTEN BY: TRM editor KATE DZIENIS PHOTO: SAM HILL GLORIOUS, AND EVER SO BEAUTIFUL, LDGT IN THE UK If there’s ever a Dream Run recommendation to put on your wish list, it’s the freakingly beautiful Lake District Grand Tour (LDGT) in the UK. Lake District in itself is England’s largest national park and now a World Heritage Site, so running through here means you’re in the presence of incredible natural history. Here in this stunning photograph by Sam Hill, runner…

They Call Him The Backyard King

                WRITTEN BY: KATE DZIENIS IMAGE: ASTRID VOLZKE HOW DOES PHIL GORE DO IT? WINNING ALMOST EVERY BACKYARD ULTRA IN AUSTRALIA AND SETTING RECORDS? He went from 5km a day to smashing yard records in Australian backyard ultras, and now he’s known as the Backyard King. Since his first 12km race in 2014, West Australian Phil Gore has gone from humble beginnings to having his presence known when walking up to the start…

Podcasts to keep you running

I love a good podcast. I’m always listening to something on my run – yep, I’m one of those people. Hey, I have a young child who reigns supreme over the TV and now my portable speaker – my runs are the only chance I get to consume any kind of content not designed for the under 10s! So, I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite podcasts. They’re in no particular order – well, apart from being…

Editorial: change (and face the strange)

Bowie knew it. I tell it to my daughters all the time: change is the only constant in life. The presence of change never changes. Learn to embrace change or wither. Especially on trails. But more so in life. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes / Turn and face the strange / Ch-ch-changes / Don’t want to be a richer man / Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes As the world turns and burns, the wistful almost pleading tone of Bowie’s voice seems like something I want to take onto…

Editorial: the Rocky Horror Show

If trail running was a movie genre, what would it be?   Is it a romance? We get soft and gushy when we talk about it (at least I do). And like any newly-minted relationship we can’t stop talking about it, much to the eye-rolling chagrin of those outside of the union.    Then there’s the three–month honeymoon period where it’s all rosy and you’re on a high. Inevitably trouble sets in – little niggles, arguments of the mind and body begin…

Editorial: Failure is for Winners

Feel like a bit of a loser? That ain’t no bad thang if the lessons are learned and you rise back up to continue the fight, writes TRM Editor and closet America’s Got Talent watcher Chris Ord, in his latest editorial, as published in Edition #32 (subscribe here, purchase single edition digital or print here).  My daughter fumbles on the piano keys. The storm clouds don’t rumble gently on over, rather with the instant crackle of lightning they snap-flood the room in darkness. “I’m no good at…

Editorial: Fear & Failure

“Make fear your tailwind, instead of your headwind.” – Jimmy Iovine.   I was watching Netflix instead of getting my daughters to bed. Instead of lifting kettle bells. Instead of doing squats. Instead of running. I hadn’t run in a week and a half. I could argue that it was because I feared exacerbating a potentially race-stopping injury. The truth is that I was paralysed by an all-encompassing fear of what lay ahead.    Jimmy Iovine’s comment is on point. Fear shouldn’t…

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