Trail Run Mag Edition 08 released

TrailRunMag 25.03.2013

The latest edition of Trail Run Mag has landed!

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And it’s free for all you dirt-loving trailites to get an eyeful of the best singletrack tales, mountain madness and back of beyond running you can imagine.

Download your FREE COPY here (right click, save to desktop or go here).

In this edition:

EXCLUSIVE: JEZ BRAGG writes for Trail Run Mag giving a personal insight into his tussles on Te Araroa, New Zealand’s end to end trail.

OVERLAND ODYSSEY – Hanny Allston looks to the history of the Cradle Mountain Ultra for inspiration in running it herself.

PENGUIN RUNNER – an adventure run through Namibia and South Africa for a cause.

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GETTING HIGH – what’s the deal with altitude chambers?

MOUNTAINS & MADNESS – everyone says you’re crazy when you tell them you’re off to run 100 miles through alpine territory. Here’s  proof that ultra trailites quite often push the line of sanity…


FUELING THE LONG RUN – our nutrition expert talks us through how Richard Bowles fuelled his epic runs top to tail of both Australia and New Zealand.


RICH’S RANT – speaking of Rich…he has a dummy spit. And some good points…in his column.

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Q&A: Sputnik takes flight: Adelaide’s favourite on trail personality talks inspiration, reason and new trail (ad)ventures.

PROFILE: Whitney Dagg, New Zealand’s up and comer is out to prove her speed at TNF100

PLUS: event previews of the Glow Worm Marathon and The Big O; Brooks Trail Porn; Salomon Trail Guides; shoe and product reviews.


Trail Run Mag Ed.08

Trail Run Mag Ed.08

Stop reading the highlights and start enjoying the zine… download it now directly by right clicking here  or head here for our library of all the editions in case you haven’t collected them all!

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REMEMBER: this is the final FREE copy of Trail Run Mag. We will be taking our humble zine to the masses from Edition #9 onwards via the Apple Store on iTunes and Amazon Kindle. Stay tuned for details. Don’t worry – it won’t break the bank! $14.95 covers a full year’s subscription to four editions.