Some more Trail Love online:

GENERAL TRAIL WEBSITES WE LOVE – world focus with North America swing – UK and Europe – Australian ultra


Huiaroadbushrunners – Auckland-based trail running, runs weekly 10+km trails in Waitakere Ranges, different trail each week, no charges, just run for fun…free? fun? Talking’ our language guys!


Running Wild NZ – they know they’ve got it good in NZ when it comes to trails, lucky they want to share

Trail Running Company – the home of the Great Ocean Walk 100, the Bogong to Hotham and of trail extraordinaire and regular writer and tester, Andy Hewat

Trails Plus – the home of Brett Saxon, RD of a raft of brill trail runs and festival in Victoria, and a gear tester for Trail Run Mag


Next Level Nutrition – Alan McCubbin, a guru of all good things to put inside your body (and he has no problem with coffee – ergo, we like him)

Neuro Sport it’s all in the mind, says Greg Layton, advising on how, when teh body has given up, the head can push you on through


EnduroExplorer – regular contributor Nick Wienholt likes trail, exploring, wilderness, gear testing…we like him

Ultra168 – a team of ultra marathon runners all based around the Sydney and Central Coast areas of New South Wales, Australia.  – a group of trail runners with a very sensible set of mottos: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just soft people!” ; “Weak Men Sleep” ; “Harden the phuq up Princess (HTPUP)” ; “Some would say we are just here for the beer!” Wise lads.


Beau Miles – just a damn fine bloke. Oh, and first to run the Australian Alpine Walking Track in one go. Just over 13 days since you asked. Can build barns, too.


Some photographers shoot stuff. These one capture (they’re more humane). They also are huge supporters of Trail Run Mag and we suggest if you ever need a photographic job done properly, you look no further than these guys:

Tod Clarke at Aurora Images

Mark Watson at Incite Images

Tim Arch at Tim Arch Photography