Run Therapy provides plenty of reasons to run

BOOK REVIEW: Run Therapy, A Bitter Sweet Guide to Running, Evolution and Ice Cream, by Andrew Cohen Review by Garry Dagg Opening a running book outlines the diaspora of our sport. Trail runners like to focus on their achievements, goals or science yet few capture the dreams, motivations and core reasons as well as Run Therapy. A superbly crafted book it may well need to be filed in the romance genre as Cohen’s love for trail running and the vitality…

freedom of hitting a trail

Simple Hydration bottle

Just like running clothes and shoes, the aim of a running bottle is to do its job without reminding us that its there.

Luna Launch

In terms of comfort and minimalism there is not much closer to barefoot than Luna Sandals who have spent years refining their huarache sandals to the point where they are a blend of ancient simplicity and well engineered form

Run Wild

Run Wild is the story of a musician whose work you’ll know and his love of off road running. Boff Whalley is angry. Tub-thumping mad as it turns out.  The musician, fell and trail runner, and sometime philosopher is not happy with the modern big-city big-business marathon. Whalley likes to run wild and his book outlines how his preferred terrain (going straight up and down the hills of northern England) is an expression of running that has no relation to…

The man who ran to save the world

Imagine the man with the capability of unraveling enigmatic codes thumping his way through the streets of wartime London as he played over possible solutions in his mind.

The Bandicoot Run

Having struggled to hold my form for the first part of the run, I was now as smooth as a mountain stream, gliding along the trail back to the car

Copernicus backs barefoot

The beauty of awarefoot running is the ease, simplicity and freedom it allows you.  Running is the most uncomplicated of endurance pursuits.  As long as you are on the landlocked 33% of the planet  you need little more than whatever your local society dictates is acceptable.  No need for a bike, shoes, helmet and pump, nor a windsurfer or a fiberglass kayak. When running barefoot all you need are a pair of shorts and, if you’re soft like me, a…

Awarefoot runner: the barefoot leap

The shod stand on one side of the river, gazing across the foaming abyss at the barefoot fraternity on the other.  So far, so bizarre.  Your colleagues on the shod side mock and degrade the lunatic fringe who are skipping along in their wacky sandals, minimalist shoes and, shock, completely bare feet. Most people at this point turn away and go back to trudging along in their heavily cushioned factory products, shutting out the possibility that something else could be…