Patagonia Run sets standards for a safe return to racing in Argentina

Sergio Pereyra – 100 mile winner. Image: – (C)

A huge weekend for Argentina’s trail running scene was lived in the stunning mountain village of San Martín de los Andes, in Argentina’s Northern Patagonia. Following guidelines and protocols from the local and national authorities, Patagonia Run was held with over 4,000 runners distributed in its six distances, from 10k to 100 miles.

The second stop of the inaugural Spartan Trail World Championship was affected by the country’s safety restrictions not allowing international runners, but it was still a huge celebration for the sport in Argentina, setting the standards for a safe return to racing in a huge production effort. As a Crown Label race, the biggest prize purse in the history of Argentinian trail and ultra running was set for one of the best elite fields in the country’s trail running history. The 100 miles were valid for the Trail Ultra category, and the 42k for the Trail Run category of the Championship.

The weather was a determining factor during the weekend, as Patagonia’s fall moody skies elevated the strategic game for the elites on the long distance. Patagonia Run’s 100 miler has over 29,000 feet of elevation gain (9,000 meters), one of South America’s biggest ultra running events. Sergio Pereyra took the lead from the start to the finish, taking the win in 21:30:45. After a tough battle, Adriana Vargas was the female winner in 26:26:25.

Adriana Vargas – 100 mile winner. Image: (C)

Patagonia Run’s marathon is one of the most challenging in Argentina, with mixed trails, an astonishing summit with views of the Andes and Lanin Volcano, and the Lacar Lake in sight during the whole course in a total 43 kilometers (26.7 miles) with 2,380 meters of elevation gain (7,800 feet). Hugo Rodriguez was the winner in the men’s side with 3:50:42 and Roxana Flores outran everyone on the women’s field with 4:28:03.

Men’s 100 Miles Top 5

  1. Sergio Gustavo Pereyra (Argentina) – 21:30:25
  2. Luciano Pilatti (Argentina) – 21:58:18
  3. Santos Gabriel Rueda (Argentina) – 22:08:42
  4. Facundo Romera (Argentina) – 22:23:14
  5. Nestor Gabriel Pereyra (Argentina) – 22:24:17

 Women’s 100 Miles top 5 

  1. Adriana Vanesa Vargas (Argentina) – 26:26:25
  2. Tania Diaz Slater (Argentina) – 26:30:27
  3. Claudia Veronica Ramirez (Argentina) – 26:55:23
  4. Sofia Cantilo (Argentina) – 29:40:18
  5. Magena Gabrielli (Argentina) – 30:19:46 

2021 Patagonia Run 100 Miles Full Results 

Men’s 42k Top 5

  1. Hugo Rodriguez (Argentina) – 3:50:42
  2. Joaquin Narvaez (Argentina) – 3:51:37
  3. Diego Ramon Simon (Argentina) – 3:56:42
  4. Ezequiel Alexis Pauluzak (Argentina) – 3:57:05
  5. Javier Carriqueo (Argentina) – 4:06:47

 Women’s 42k Top 5

  1. Roxana Flores (Argentina) – 4:28:03
  2. Yennifer Castro (Argentina) – 4:32:31
  3. Ruth Oñate (Argentina) – 4:40:01
  4. Gilda Flores (Argentina) – 4:50:58
  5. Sol Andreucetti (Argentina) – 4:56:41

 2021 Patagonia Run 42k Full Results 

The Spartan Trail World Championship continues from June 24th to June 27th in the mighty Dolomites, in northern Italy, with the prestigious Lavaredo Ultra Trail. The 120k are valid for the Trail Ultra Championship and the 48k for the Trail Run Championship.


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