New 100km event promises Oxfam Gone Wild

TrailRunMag 04.12.2016

A new charity trail running and trekking challenge has been launched that promises runners and trekkers an adventure like no other, covering a 100km course that loops off Mount Buller Resort and into Victoria’s rugged High Country.

Taking place on 17-19 February 2017, Oscars100 Hut2Hut will see teams of two choosing to trek or run 100kms along mostly single track, including spectacular sections of the Australian Alpine Walking Track (AAWT).


Organisers have also put the call out for experienced ultra and/or wilderness runners who have enough experience to qualify them to run the 100km as inaugural solo runners. They will need to show a decent CV to qualify. Those interested can email Oscars100 Director, Andy Payne. Any runner or trekker can enter as a team of two via online registration.

The journey, which will link together ten summits and nine of the State’s historical mountain huts (including Craig’s Hut of The Man From Snowy River fame) will raise funds and awareness for autism via the registered autism charity, Oscars 100.

Being touted by some as like an ‘Oxfam Trailwalker gone wild’, the physical and mental challenge will require long days on the feet, the stamina to climb extended ascents, and the nerve to run along steep ridgelines in remote country side. What makes this course so spectacular is the 5700 meters of climbing that participants will face while making their way around the 100km course.


Participants will run or trek in teams of two, racing a 55-hour cut off. They will be able to stop for sleep and food breaks at two designated hut checkpoints. There will also be an invitational-only category of solo runners in the first year’s outing, showcasing some of the best ultra-runners in Australia. They are expected to finish the 100km in between twelve and fifteen hours. Runner pairs who make it through the 73km checkpoint in under 15 hours will also qualify to run solo the following year.

Director of Oscars 100 charity, Andy Payne, also an ultra runner and parent of two autistic sons, believes Oscars 100 Hut2Hut will become one of Australia’s ultimate endurance charity challenges, given its distance, terrain covered and ascent profile.

“Oscars100 Hut2Hut is a great way to challenge yourself in a positive way, by undertaking the 100km trek or run, participants are raising awareness and funds that go towards support services for children living with autism,” said Payne.


“Our family is fortunate, thanks to early diagnosis and our ability to access private therapy, our son (after who the charity was named) Oscar’s development has come a long way,” said Payne. Oscar was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when his teacher was brave enough to raise her concerns.

Oscars100 Hut2hut will be supporting Mansfield Autism Statewide Service, an independent organisation, which supports young people, and their families who are living with Autism and Irabina who provide family-centred early intervention programs and services to children and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.


If you’re up for a trek or run challenge or even are wanting to make sure you are part of such a special event as a volunteer, both registrations and volunteer applications are now open via the Hut2Hut website .

Andrew Payne, Director, Oscars100
0409 502 532 /