Slices of sanity amidst the boom

TrailRunMag 01.06.2012

Watch it and get excited… this despatch from Salomon / The Africa Attachment featured Kiwi trail Queen Anna Frost, but also this little vignette manages to capture something of the essence of trailrunning.

It features the elites, sure, but hell, it feels like you’re watching people just like you and me. And really you are..they’re just that little but faster than you. But they have the same kind of dirty soul (a good one) as you and me… and they still get that the running is more about connection – connectiong with the mountains, the view, wilderness, and other trail runners who breath in the same appreciation for being out there, where we love life the most.

They’re tapping it out in the mountains for the same reasons as you and me.

And they get drunk and dance like loons just like you and me, too.