A dirty mag? as dirty as they come…(but not worth hiding)

So I’m on our NZ editor’s FB page, hunting for his brilliant little trail getaway (http://runningwildnz.com/wild-training/ available to hire and awesome trails nearby people), and I stumble upon a little conversation re: the next edition of Trail Run Mag and its offspring, a hardcopy edition [ezine #2 out in the next 48 hours, hardcopy by end Nov].

Apparently we’re up there on a pedestal with Playboy magazine. I was always a Penthouse man, but we’ll take the compliment in this conversation:

KC:  Mal, I bought a copy of Runners World to read in my motel on Monday. It took me 15 minutes to read including the Advertisments. What a crap mag. When is the best and dirtiest trail running mag due out? I need a good fix.

ML: mid-late Sept for the next issue of the dirtiest mag on the planet! {early Oct. Ed.}

KC: yeeha, cant wait, have to go over the last copy to see if I missed anything.

SC Any news on a hard copy? It’s a thing of beauty that should be on my coffee table for all to see.

ML  The plan is to do a ‘best of’ hard copy twice a year ie best of previous 2 ezines. First beauty should be available before Xmas so pressies galore! {available late Nov.Ed.}

SL Noice!

KC I had a hard copy of Playboy once untill my mum found it and burnt it. Probably would be worth a fortune now. I will have to find a different hiding place for this dirty little mag.

Hey KC – we suggest the coffee table is fine. It’s a dirty mag, but it’s still ‘G’-rated :). Look forward to your feedback after the next edition is released in the next 48hrs.


The TRM team

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