I’m a journo. I love story. And I love the power that one story has to elicit another. And let’s face it, ballbag rub is funny. As long as it’s not happening to you mid 100kayer. So for all those who read Simon Madden’s little muse on testicular aggravation and empathised, check out a viable, pragmatic solution from Simon Clendon, of Auckland, NZ, who writes in after reading Simon’s column in Trail Run Mag Ed #1:

“Here’s a small story about chafing and a solution that may not have occurred to the erstwhile readers of this great new mag. The scene is set on a very long run over a very long time. All was going well for many hours but then a downpour struck the course. Wet running gear is one of the leading causes of chafing and this rain sure was heavy. Said runner started complaining of, how did Simon describe it?, scrotumus frictionus hurtum. Various suggestions were made – vaseline, dry undies (from where?), sock stuffing…all to no avail. That’s when a female member of the party came up with the ultimate solution – a wingless Libra pad. Once this was in place the chafing was conquered and the runnner was a very happy chappie indeed. So, slip one of these pads in your handbag, er, hydration pack and you will always be prepared.”

So, to the makers of Libra sanitary products, feel free to advertise in Trail Run Mag – we’ve got a red hot market of male runner just aching to use your product.

To our (male) trail running readers, only one question remains: will that be standard or maxi?*

*To our female readers I apologise for the boy humour. I tried to resist, honest…


  1. flyingkiwi72

    Bollocks – That’s not how it happened. It rained early (3 hours into a 24)and hard, we had to run in lane 3, there was that much flooding. About 100km into it things were looking and feeling really bad. Soft lycra doesn’t stay soft when it gets wet and really rubs. Vaseline, a change of undies and a change of shorts were all tried. Then I had an epiphany (yes it was my idea), how do women deal with wet/damp pants every bloody (hahahaha, pun intended) month. What stays soft when wet. Bingo – Pads. So the lovely support crew cheerily went of to the market at about 9pm, may have been 10pm who knows. Returns with the super-maxis and all problems dissappear. They’ve been used several times since. Wingless ones are better. It’s more effective to put them in before you have to use vaseline as they won’t stick otherwise. What do I win for sharing the love 🙂

    1. trailrunmag

      Hey Matt…well, if Libra get on board with an ad, a free supply of LIbra Wingless 🙂 .
      Lemme see what I can rustle up from our good friends at Salomon who do already support the mag and trail running in general…

  2. whippetman

    Hilarious but seriously Matt have you tried SportShield? I declare an interest as I sell the stuff, but I only do that because I use it and swear by it. You can even get little towlettes to carry on trail runs for when you get caught out. And a lot easier to explain to the wife when she finds them in with your gear.


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