We’re a dirty little mag.

A dirty, dirty, filthy mag!

Trail Run Magazine is Australia and New Zealand’s original and best, grassroots, mud-encrusted, dirty-kneed trail running mag. Forget the boring bitumen, we are entirely devoted to the dirty art of trail running. If it’s through forest, up mountains, across deserts, wild and adrenaline-pumping, we’ll cover it! Trail Run Mag is for anyone who wants to feel part of a community of people who love running in spectacular terrain. Packed with features, interviews, gear reviews, event previews, trail porn and more, Trail Run Mag will inspire you to live a little more wildly!

Go on, get dirty…


Adventure Entertainment is a global business specialising in distribution of adventure films, events and related media services.  Our mission is to inspire people to get out and adventure via world class outdoor adventure film content, events and media offerings.

Driven by a spirit of entrepreneurialism and disruption, we are bringing a series of interrelated products and services to the market in order to achieve our mission.




Paul Robinson
Partnerships Manager

(Within Australia) 0408 162 246
(International) +61 408 162 246

Email: paul@adventureentertainment.com

6 thoughts on “ABOUT TRAIL RUN MAG

  1. Dean COX

    Really looking forward to it; heard there’s some top articles and product reviews. Probably be a good write-up about TNF100 in May; bring it on!!!


  2. Toby

    Bloody awesome Chris. I so need some bitumen free reading material and a source of solid info on trail running in Aus. Sign me up!

  3. Nikki

    Hi, I would love to read this mag- but I can’t! The style of font and its size is impossible, particually the white font. Is there some way of requesting it in a different format? I am serious, I just can’t read it. and I’m not that old 🙁 Nikki

    1. trailrunmag

      Hi Nikki,

      Thanks for your comment and interest! If you have downloaded onto your desktop correctly, and are viewing in either Acrobat Reader or Preview as suggested, you should be able to easily read the magaine. If you’re finding teh font size too small, simply zoom in. You can zoom right in until the font size is huge if need be. Meaning even if you were fuzzy sighted you’d be able to supersize it to read 🙂
      The key is in downloading the pdf file to your desktop, and then opening in either Reader (freely downloadable if you don’t have it, download Adobe Reader X) or Preview (on Macs). DO NOT simply double click on the link – this tends to auto download and open the document in your internet browser (Safari, Explorer, Firefox etc), which then DOES make it hard to read and go between pages.

      Ensure you follow the instructions here: http://trailrunnermag.wordpress.com/zine/ (scroll down and read the instructions) and you should be right.


      Chris, Editor, TRM


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