Head Coach: getting the right head set for trail running

Team No Roads: the interview >> Mick Donges & Brendan Davies

Tod Clarke, from Aurora Images (www.auroraimages.com.au) interviews rising trail stars and Team No Roads’ members, Brendan Davies and Mick Donges about trail running, the Blue Mountains, Team No Roads and raising the singletrack bar (before going to the bar).
Check out their interview and images by Aurora in edition #4 of Trail Run Mag.

Running High: an ultra runner faces her biggest challenge

Running High: Trailer from Nalu Productions on Vimeo.
Running High is an intimate look at New Zealander Lisa Tamati’s experience tackling one of the cruelest races on the planet, La Ultra. We learn of the different training approaches each competitor takes in the lead up to the event. Doctors provide information on altitude sickness and run specific tests with the athletes; attempting to shed new light on this somewhat mysterious condition. Unique friendships & bonds are formed between Lisa and her inexperienced, but passionate and adventurous crew.

Kiwi Anna Frost runs the TNF Endurance Challenge

Anna Frost looks back at her last race of the season, “which ended as it began, with full of joy and happiness!” She competed internationally with Team Salomon, recently winning the TNF Endurance Challenge near San Francisco.

Kiwi ultra runner Lisa Tamati prepares for La Ultra

Interview with NZ’s Lisa Tamati prior to LA-ULTRA The High.

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