Okay, so the e-zine is all fine and dandy, but sometimes you just want to sniff the print, caress the serif fonts and drool over the photography without drowning your keyboard. That and you want SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL to whack on your coffee table to let all and sundry visitors to your loungeroom know:


So twice a year we will produce a TRM Collector’s Edition that will combine the best of the previous two e-editions. Each print run will be limited, so you need to order your copy quicker than Kilian Jornet can cane a dirty kilometre.

RRP is AU$20 plus postage and handling, depending on where in the world you live. Why so much? Simply because print, in this day and age, is expensive and we prefer our trees to be standing (to weave around). Even so, nothing beats the real deal in your hands. Hence our compromise of a limited run (which also ups the price to produce).

If you would like to buy a hardcopy NOW, check out our TRAIL SHOP.


Why yes you can. We’re currently contacting specialist running shops who are keen trail running supporters and we’ll soon have a network around Australia. If you reckon your local running shoop should stock us, then let them know!

Current stockists:

14 Glenferrie Road, Malvern VIC 3144 (map)
(03) 9509 9199

*Are you a running speciality store with an interest in trail running? Want to encourage more trail runners through your front door? Then stock Trail Run Mag! Contact us on info@trailrunmag.com 

3 thoughts on “HARDCOPY MAG

  1. jen filby

    Yes i would be happy to pay for a hard copy of Trail Run magazine:)
    The other mags available just dont cut it for us trail runners in Australia and it will be great to see our own races and beautiful trails featured

  2. James

    Great mag, lots of informative content – very professional – I pay for much less today already. Get it on the shelves! I’m in

  3. Rick

    Please print a hard copy mag. I am an NZ/Aussie trail runner but always buy the American TrailRunner (at 13 bucks a piece!) because it is the only mag that is exclusively concerned with trail running at the local newsagents. I have been waiting for years for an NZ/Aussie trail running mag.

    Currently living in Aus (lived in NZ for eight years) – trail running is now huge here in OZ, and growing, so I think your market would be quite large. Go 50/50 coverage Aus/NZ.

    Look forward to seeing it on the shelves.


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