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We have lots of option available for partnering with TRM, from large scale display advertising, to online only, sponsorship and much more.  Don’t be scared off just because you’re a grassroots outfit, either: we have plenty of opportunities and we love working with visionary brands, people and companies trying something different, breaking rules, pushing boundaries and most importantly, simply passionate about trails. And if you’re starting from scratch, we can even help you with your own branding and art, backed by the best designers in the entire universe, truly.

If you are interested in hooking up with the trail running community in Australia and New Zealand, and would like to advertise or partner in some way with Trail Run Magazine, then please email paul@adventureentertainment.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Not convinced Trail Run Mag is for you? Here’s a little feedback we received in the first week of publication – these are the people you’ll reach:


“The best running mag I’ve ever read”  – K.Crook, NZ

“Awesome mag, great read and unreal pictures, makes you want to go running on the trails, but you are speaking to the converted – it’s a shame work gets in the way of trail running.” – Kerrie Williamson, Narangba, Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

“I just had my first look at your trail running mag. It has to be one of the most outstanding magazines I’ve ever seen. Obviously it looks amazing, but it also looks like there’s heaps and heaps to read – I’m not even a runner and I’m keen to read the shoe reviews. Huge congratulations on an incredible job done. You should be extremely proud.” – C.W., Melbourne

“The production is sweet, features are high quality and the inaugural (150) pages raise the stakes of online publishing – complimenting the family which already houses Denis Wischniewski’s brilliant Trail magzin and James Hallet’s Go Trail.” – Review on trail running website www.mudsweatandtears.co.uk/2011/07/07/trail-run-raises-the-e-zine-bar

“So much to love about this magazine!….so here’s the deal…..proof of my genuine endorsement for it’s content, I am willing to give up my many years unbroken annual subscription of ‘the other RUNNERS mag for hardcopy subscriptions of this one. Build it and they will come” – Tonkagirl, NZ.

“A warm, sincere and heartfelt congrats on issue number one. It looks magnificent. I would- and will, subscribe to this thing and will do everything in my available future time to help and collaborate with what you have put together.”  trail runner Beau Miles, Australia.

“Wow, what a read! Have spent a good part of 5 hours reading through it I feel like a thief not having paid a cent for it. I’ll definitely subscribe…Serioulsly good job to all involved!” – Brendan Davies, Australia

“Great read. Inspired to hit the trails” Brian Jones, via Facebook

“What’s most impressive though is the layout…”soooooo niiiiice”. Anyway, Just wanted to say congrats – and also to say I love the layout… I like the art, ‘Trail Muse’ simply rocks – that is the way a feature should look. Art in Words, Art in Photos, Art in layout (and even interactive) … more layouts where the designer does more that just cut and copy please – this is the kind of difference that makes a magazine shine. Keep it up.”  – Mark Watson, Nikon Adventure, Ambassador, Member of the Association of Australian Commercial and Media Photographers Limited (ACMP).

“I haven’t run any trails yet, and once my ITB is better I plan on doing so having been inspired by your magazine. However, I do appreciate a good running mag. This one is beautiful, if one can use that word to describe a magazine. Well laid out and well written. Thank you for making it available to us to read.” – TheRuns, ACT (posted on Cool Running.com.au)        

“Love the first edition of the mag, it took me an age to print it at work though! Would happily subscribe to a print edition when you guys release it. I’ve been waiting for a specialist trail running mag for ages so am stoked. Well done! I’ll cancel my other mag (subs).” – Chris Glackin, Auckland, NZ.

“So good and an excellent read. Nice work everyone, I will be subscribing to it!” – Steve Neary via Facebook.

“A truly great effort and well done to all involved. Having that first edition in print would be awesome. To keep the mag running you’ll definitely need paid subscriptions and advertising because that’s a lot of work and money involved. Well done again!” – ‘RBR’ posted on CoolRunning.com.au

“Been waiting for you now something great to read and drool over whilst I mend my poor fractured wrist done out there doing what I love.” – Jane Manthorpe, Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ.

“Awesome job guys! have only read the first half but loving it, especially the layout/photos etc. So nice to be able to read about Aus conditions/runners/trails etc instead of having to rely on foreign mags for info. Well done and keep up the hard work.” Rachel Miller via Facebook.

“I have now finished reading it cover to cover and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Seriously, you guys have done an awesome job – loved the variety of articles and it’s hard to find a stand out but I especially the one by Nick Weinholt on what change he made to improve his TNF100 time, the article by the nutritionist and the trail guide idea. There are so many great trails where I live (Canberra) and I look forward to finding out about other cities too. Hanging put for the 2nd edition already. Will be very glad to subscribe and get my hands on a hard copy!” – Rachel Miller (again)

“Just read the mag. Lush!” Simon Roberts via Facebook

“Wow!! … have only had time to flick thru it all but it looks like a wealth of awesome articles!! Great mag .. I will be subscribing 🙂 … and ‘sharing the love’ :)” Jaci Richards via Facebook

“Brilliant mag. Well done to all contributors. Being relatively new to ‘Trail’ scene; I do get the feeling it is taking off in a major way.” – Matso, NZ.

“I think you’ll be very impressed with the quality of the writing and the overall product of the e-zine. The inaugural issue has set a high bar for others to follow, and if this first release is any indication, Trail Run has a bright future ahead of it.” Review on The AdventureBlogspot http://theadventureblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/new-online-trail-running-mag-hits-web_07.html

“Loving the mag over here in the UK. I was reading it at work and it looked incredible on my massive monitor. The writing is great and the photography is stunning.” – Martin Stacy, UK