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Kate Dzienis 28.06.2024

REVIEW BY:  Alexis Oosterhoff

TRAIL DRINKS//Pure Sports Nutrition

If you’re in the market for race fuel that’s clean, look no further than PURE Sports Nutrition because this is the quality your body’s been screaming for.

Right off the bat, the brand markets itself as without artificial ingredients or colours, and being trail runners that’s super enticing. Even better, it’s developed and produced in New Zealand using the highest quality natural ingredients, with the creators (Simon Kraak and Marewa Sutherland) knowing firsthand the importance of using the right fuel to support training and racing – they’re athletes themselves. 

They’ve got some pretty amazing athletes under their name too, including golfer Caitlin Cotterill, track cyclist Sami Donnelly, rally driver Emma Gilmour, hockey player Rose Tynan, mountain biker Laura Goldsworthy, endurance runner Eddie Dawkins, the Hurricanes Rugby Union team plus a whole barrage more of incredible sports superstars. 

And now onto the product we tested. 

Featuring 380cal, 90g of carbs and 650mg of sodium per serving, the PURE Performance + Race Fuel is a powerful sports nutrition drink. The neutral non-flavour and high level of carbohydrates and electrolytes make this suitable as the sole source of energy for those seeking a simple nutrition strategy, or can be used to top up energy and electrolytes every hour or two into a long run. 

With no added colours or preservatives, this is a dairy and gluten free, vegan friendly sports supplement.

I’ve used it on a few occasions, once during the opening minutes of a 100 miler and the second time prior to a mountain climb. Both times, I mixed one serving with 700ml of water and consumed it over the course of under five minutes. Having such a neutral ‘non flavour’ taste meant it went down as easily as plain water, and it sat extremely well in my stomach. I definitely felt the benefits over the opening hour of both efforts, and it set me up for a great day on the trails.

Available in a single-serve sachet (98g) or a 700g pouch, the PURE Performance + Race Fuel is manufactured in New Zealand as mentioned earlier, and is Human and Supplement Testing Australia (HASTA) certified. 

HASTA is Australia’s first commercial product testing organisation, testing for WADA banned substances, which means this is one of the few supplements you can trust, off the shelf, to have been tested for more than 200 WADA prohibited substances.


RRP: PURE Performance + Race Fuel 700g $65.99 AUD / 

RRP: PURE Performance + Race Fuel 98g $9.99 AUD / 

RRP: energy chews (raspberry, sour cherry, orange, lemon+green tea) 50g $2.45 AUD

WEBSITE:  puresportsnutrition.com