Huntaway Run Co Shorts

TrailRunMag 27.06.2024

WRITTEN BY:  Kate Dzienis


In TRM50, I got a chance to review the high quality, high performance New Zealand brand Huntaway Run Co with their Ranger Trail Tee and reversible 3R Cap. 

And game was on like Donkey Kong, because this time around for TRM51, testing was done on their Foster 01 Trail Shorts, and they were sublime, sublime, sublime.

Like their trail tee, these shorts are designed and tested by not only their creators, Dr Inia Raumati and Dr Vicki Lim, but by trail runners in New Zealand who know what’s needed in a good pair of shorts. 

I’m not necessarily a shorty shorts gal myself, but given these are unisex, the length on them is long enough for me to feel exceptionally comfortable. The draw string allowed me to tighten and loosen as I saw fit, but I didn’t really need to do it much as the branding is true to size once you measure up.

But wait, I really need to let you know about the ‘pocketage’. Does that word even exist? I don’t care. I made it up. And I love it. Pocketage, defined as more than enough pockets to fit almost everything you need to take with you on the trails. The two front pockets on either side of the thighs are zippered – nothing unusual there, right? But the brilliant design effort here is that they are covered with that little bit more fabric than normal, giving a deeper feel to where the zipper is, almost making it look like the pockets have no zippers. Keeping my car key and bank cards safe in either of these pockets, as well as my Samsung S23+, I felt extremely comfortable that the zippers wouldn’t open on their own (I’ve had this happen before in the past with other brands!), and being a high quality zipper with a decent strong pull, that closure was not budging. 

Sitting just behind these two zippered pockets, there’s an overflapped open pocket on each side allowing for the storing of gels or some lollies/sweeteners or gum. The stretch at the entry way springs back and doesn’t elongate in time like a hair tie does. 

And finally, in the back, right up near the waist band, is a rectangular shaped zippered pocket, again ideal for a key, bank cards, gels, lollies, and other small ticket items – or your phone (it definitely fit mine perfectly). I mean, shorts with 5 pockets in them? 

Their beautiful Huntaway dog breed logo sits at the front on the left, and currently they come in Te Papa Green – a stunning dark foresty shade of green that is synonymous with New Zealand’s luscious environment. 

Quickly onto the tech specs of the Foster 01 Trail Shorts. They have a 5in inseam and were released just last October (2023). They are made from a premium Japanese TORAY Primeflex fabric with 4-way stretch and are water and stain resistant. They are linerless, so make sure you keep yourself respectable down there, because if you make one wrong move…well, I’m sure I don’t have say anything more. 

If you’re a trail runner who is comfortable not using a vest for runs up to 20km, these shorts are a hot item you need to seriously consider. 

The Foster 01 Trail Shorts are made for the trails – or anywhere your dog takes you.


RRP: Foster 01 Trail Shorts $120.00 NZD