TrailRunMag 29.06.2021

A new initiative aims to entice runners and walkers into New South Wales’ rugged and wild outdoors by restoring walking huts in NSW’s National Parks.

Pony Rider is launching The National Project, which will see the Australian homeware and lifestyle brand donate 1% of all sales from its new National Project range, alongside its initial donation of $10,000, to fund much-needed restoration work on the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Walking Huts.

“The National Project aims to help protect and restore our national parks,” Pony Rider founder Kelly Searl says. “As a kid, I grew up exploring and hiking in our national parks, so I’ve always had a heartfelt appreciation for them and all they offer. I really want to inspire people to get adventurous so they can find their best self in the outdoors.

“From hiking up mountains to paddling down rivers, the adventures we encounter in our parks are boundless, and they ignite the little scout in all of us. We’re excited about our inaugural program that inspires people to get out and spend time exploring our National Parks. The walking huts are there for all to enjoy and encourage us to be more adventurous.”

Pony Rider works directly in partnership with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife, helping supply materials to various walking huts as needed. All of the raised donations and funds from the National Project collection from Pony Rider will be channelled directly through the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife (FNPW).

To shop the range or find out more, visit and follow the adventures at @pony_rider.