Takayna Ultra raises more than $180,000

TrailRunMag 06.04.2020
Photo: Kelly Slater

At time of writing, the Bob Brown Foundation’s takayna Ultra Marathon has raised more than $181,000.

These vital funds will support the Bob Brown Foundation’s campaign to takayna/Tarkine to be listed as a World Heritage National Park and returned to Aboriginal ownership.

Bob Brown highlighted that in its second year, the takayna Ultra, held on March 13, had “grown in size and wildness” and was a “great success”, with more than 120 runners taking part. The wild weather did little to dampen the spirits of participants as they traversed Tasmania’s rugged west coastline.

Bob Brown Foundation campaign manager Jenny Weber added that the takayna Ultra runners were “a prime example of conservation in action”. And that through “directly raising funds for the campaign to protect this wild and incredibly beautiful place, they are experiencing its wonder directly and becoming instant ambassadors for the region as they tell friends and family about North West Tasmania’s treasures”.

Patagonia is proud to be a partner of the takayna Ultra and will continue to support World Heritage protection for takanya/Tarkine.

Find out more about the takayna Ultra Marathon at https://takaynaultra2020.raisely.com/


takayna Ultra (65 km)


1st – Jack Brownlee Qld – 5 hours 55 minutes

2nd – Shervin Tosif Vic – 6 hours 3 minutes

3rd – Nick Montgomery Vic – 6 hours 6 minutes


1st – Laura Prescott -Tas – 6 hours 20 minutes

2nd – Jacqueline Fetchet NSW – 7 hours 14 minutes

3rd – joint – Jess Christiansen VIC & Bonnie Perris NSW – 7 hours 17 minutes

takayna 22 (22km)


1st – Nicholas Damen NSW – 1 hour 29 minutes

2nd – Sam Burke WA – 1 hour 30 minutes

3rd – David Lennon TAS – 1 hour 38 minutes


1st – Pip Penrose NSW – 1 hour 39 minutes

2nd- Aimee Bliss TAS – 1 hour 54 minutes

3rd – Katie Ogler-Glover TAS – 2 hours