Trials by Miles doco freeview released

TrailRunMag 21.12.2016

Adventure runner Beau Miles has released his trail running film, Trials by Miles, on You Tube for free viewing. Here he looks back at the adventure he documented…

It was five years ago that I ran, ah, shuffled across the Australian Alps Walking Track. So here I sit, thinking about that wet-dry-dusty-snaky trail in what was seemingly one-long-day, yonks ago.

Setting off from Tharwa ACT at 6:45am on day one and drinking Moet in the Walhalla rotunda 13 days-10 hours later is the longest day I’ve ever felt.

The film splits it up nicely with on screen text, a different shirt (occasionally) and the old sunset-to-sunrise shots. My increasingly swelling right leg, after the first week, put on the weight that the rest of me was losing. It was a compressed experience.

Intense, kilometre-counting, creek counting, sleeping in fits, anxious, excited, overtired. Yet all was fine. A little barked up from all that post bushfire roughage, but ok, and ok means you trot on.

[tentblogger-youtube E6TbeiKxpSs]
[click on the frame squares bottom right to enlarge screen view]

I travelled slow enough not to fly apart completely, and fast enough to be back at work on time. I’d hate to exaggerate, like we do, because we can, but it was honestly a very doable thing.

Far fitter, stronger shufflers would do it faster, neater, better. But there’s a certain pleasure and ‘whatever’ about doing it as a personal, as well as ornamental ‘first’.

Click away and enjoy my jog across the Australian Alps Walking Track: Trials of Miles.