Trail Run Mag launches print quarterly

TrailRunMag 27.09.2016

In a bid to become Australia’s first print magazine dedicated to the trail running lifestyle, Trail Run Mag (AU/NZ) has launched a Pozible fundraising campaign to encourage runners to become subscribers and help the magazine transform from digital entity to flesh and blood quarterly magazine.

Readers can subscribe initially via the Pozible campaign HERE.

**The special offer subscription period will only be available until October 24** 

In taking up the inaugural quarterly print offer they will have the opportunity to take up a raft of special foundation subscriber-only offers including:full-pack

  • a new-design ‘One Life. Many Trails.’ t-shirt
  • Smartwool merino trail running sock-and-sub offer
  • if you’re a nutrition junkie opt for a box of tasty ATOne bars
  • fuel yourself with some VFuel boxes at a huge discount
  • or snap up a 2017 trail run calendar
  • or grab a super Shebang deal and get the lot – subscription, tee, calendar, Smartwool socks and At One bars!

Originally launching five years and 21 editions ago, Trail Run Mag was the first in Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and Asia) to be dedicated to the rising pursuit of trail running. Until now, the magazine has been made available solely as a digital download, with more than 168,000 copies downloaded and read to date.

In a Back to the Future moment, publishers Adventure Types say the move to a print quarterly feels like the magazine is ‘growing up’  in response to a growing call for a physical magazine by its dedicated readership.


“The message we were getting was clear: our readers wanted to be able to take their magazine and flip through the pages, rather than flick across a screen,” says  says publisher and editor, Chris Ord, an self-admitted ‘mag hag’ from the old print school, having worked many years in the traditional magazine industry.

“It’s a very different, visceral experience compared to viewing on a computer screen or iPad. It’s the old ‘bed, bath and bus’ leisure read, where people want to get away from the screens they spend so long looking at – often for work – and enjoy the experience that a real magazine offers. No clutter, no pop-ups, no links leading you down a rabbit warren to end up watching videos of cats flinging off ceiling fans!”screenshot-2016-09-23-21-56-53

Trail Run Mag is calling for its readers to take up one of many different subscription offers set out via the initial Pozible fundraising campaign, noting that they will only have five weeks in which to subscribe to the first edition.

“The initial call out to subscribe will be a limited offer with a bunch of added benefits,” says Chris. “In subscribing straight up, readers can choose from packages including a mix of Smart wool merino running socks, a limited edition ‘One Life. Many Trails’ designer t-shirt or sticker, a 2017 trail running calendar, or a box of At One health bars.  Plus the four magazines over the next 12 months.”

Readers will have until October 25th to subscribe via the Pozible campaign. The first print magazine, which will remain in series from the past magazine making it Edition #22, will be delivered early November.

“Those wanting the first edition will need to subscribe, however,” notes Chris, “as we are limiting the first print run – they will become collectors items!”

“In the future, we will also be stocking via specialist trail running retailers across Australia, chosen specifically because they know trail running and are just as passionate about growing the community as we are,” says Chris. Check here for a list of stockists. 

Chris recognises that some will still prefer a screen viewing and the convenience of the magazine being stored on a device. “We’ll still offer a simple pdf download for those keen on sticking with pixels,” says Chris. “We are also keenly aware of the environment (as trail runners are) and the notion of magazines potentially being seen as not environmentally friendly. But we don’t have any wastage – we’re a low print run, and aim to get all our magazines into the hands of trail runners who will keep them like the coffee table book collectables we have already printed. It’s not a trash-read that will end up in the bin!”

Readers have between September 27th and October 25th to subscribe via the Pozible campaign, with publishers urging the trail running community to show its support for having its own print magazine quarterly by subscribing early and sharing the news amongst other single track-loving friends.

“Australia is small, and as we know, print media is a hard thing to keep viable, but we like to think there are enough readers out there who love trail running to make Trail Run Mag quarterly a reality. But we do need everyone’s support to make it happen, so we urge everyone to not delay and sign up now! And we thank you greatly for that support,” says Chris.

READERS HAVE FOUR WEEKS, until 24 OCTOBER to Subscribe and claim a special offer via the Pozible campaign. Click HERE to subscribe now. 



In due course, Trail Run Mag will be stocked edition to edition by these specialist retailers, who are just as passionate about trail running as we are. Go to them for all your trail needs!

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Trail Run Mag thanks these stockists for their support in making the print quarterly a reality.