Run From The Hills: new trail event

Ah running and booze – always going to strike a chord. The trick here, we feel, is to run FIRST, then drink. Just a thought.

Thing is, at least with this all-new trail event slated for the western side of Victoria, Australia, you know that whether you have a good run or your legs drop off from under you (there’s a nasty descent), you can be 100% guaranteed the plonk you down at the end will be quality. Yes, you saw it coming: you can get legless for the second time in one day. At least it’ll take the pain away.

Actually, I drama queen it up. The new Run From The Hills event is no ultra ball buster. Rather we’re talking about a sensible weekend dash of 21.5km through the stunning Pyrenees Range State Park forest. Those of you with an eye to to a good Shiraz or Cab or other varietal will recognise the name as pertaining to one of the best wine districts in the nation. Turns out amongst the vines, there’s some trails to be enjoyed.

And thus the first year of Run From The Hills will be held on Saturday 17th November in the Pyrenees Mountain Range finishing at the Mount Avoca Winery.

The event is expected to attract over 200 runners with three different distances to appeal to all abilities: a 21.5k trail run, a 7km Round The Vineyard trail run/walk and a Through the Vines for the juniors at just 2km. Anyone entering the latter will not be served at the bar.

Participants of Run From The Hills will be transported from the winery up to the start line in the heart of the Pyrenees Range State Park forest, where they’ll run down fire roads, 4wd tracks, double tracks and the newly restored Pyrenees Endurance walking trail. This will finish with a sprint through the grape vines ending at the beautiful Mount Avoca Winery.

Entries in the main race are currently limited to 163, to allow for transport up to the start line in the forest.

Round The Vineyard is a shorter 7k run/walk which takes runners through the stunning grounds of the Mount Avoca Vineyard. The Through the Vines fun run for the kids will take place through the grape vines of the winery. So you can just about pour your Chardy and keep an eye on the kids at the same time. And if not, there will be course marshalls (who will be directed to not be drinking for their on duty period).

The event is run by local Rohin Adams, a pro level mountain biker who has obviously seen the light and recognised that trail running is the go..and who has been working at promoting the Pyrenees as a key outdoor destination for the past 4 years.

The event will be supported by the fantastic crew of volunteers from Avoca Primary School and the Ballarat 4wd club who will marshal the track and man the feed/water zone stations.

Run From The Hills will attract runners, friends and families of all abilities to this beautiful area to get a taste of what a trail run event is all about. If you are interested in attending or require more information please do not hesitate to contact Big Hill Events.

Trail Run Mag is proud to be a supporter of this inaugural event. Hell, we’ll support any new event so long as it’s on dirt… but this one looks especially appealing A wineray as the finishline? Wish I’d thought of that…

Entries HERE.

Run From The Hills
Saturday 17th November
21km / 7km / 2km