Gear: new Suunto Ambit2 R

It wasn’t that long ago that Suunto launched its new range of Ambits. Okay, so it was April 2013, which in technology time is a few light years back. And while our running has probably not advanced that much since then (speaking for myself at least), gadgetry waits for no man nor his faltering training plan. This latest release, the Ambit2 R, is  particularly pertinent to the running fraternity with features honed for our breed. Personally, I take note of the…

Gear review: Compressport Trail Shorts

Compressport  isn’t new to the compression garment game having already made its mark in the triathlon scene with its flagship calf sleeves. More recently, and driven by the personal passion of the brand owner, Compressport has ventured into the trail running sphere, working with European trail running legend, Seb Chaigneau, to design a range of functional trail-specific compression garments. According to Caine Warburton**, the trail running shorts are one of the range highlights. Design: It’s evident out of the box that…

Latest Trail Run Mag blazes new trail

You know that feeling when you run a trail for the first time? It’s all new, fresh dirt, exploding the senses – makes you wanna steam through the jungle… Well, get ready to feel the same bolt of change when you open up the pages of the latest Trail Run Mag, Edition 10, hitting the e-shelves right now, because you’re in for a surprise. Last edition we checked in with new editors (welcome Rachel Jaqueline as our Asia Bureau Chief…

Review: Vigilante Racer Puff Jacket

What? Don’t you get cold after a winter run? Oh, you’re one of those shorts-in-an-ice-storm kinda peeps..? Well, bully to you but there’s no numb-nuts hero bluster on this end: I’m pretty serious about being warm before and after my crisp season trail outings. In fact, I revel in rugging up once my mud mauling is done. So when the Trail Run Mag crew headed for a multiday sojourn to the winter alps to run day in, day out, the…

Suunto launches new Ambit2/S GPS watches

The launch of the original Suunto Ambit took the GPS watch market to a new level and a bunch of adventure athletes including trail runners to a new realm of capturing their adventure and trail run data. Now, Suunto has unveiled an all new pair of GPS watches that, along with an opening up of their Apps Collection to outside developers and updates to, is set to become a game changer for any athlete in the adventure sphere, including…

freedom of hitting a trail

Simple Hydration bottle

Just like running clothes and shoes, the aim of a running bottle is to do its job without reminding us that its there.

Product launch: TomTom GPS Sport Watch

Will it be the Suunto Slayer? Not in terms of flat out capability, judging purely specs on their press release specs (GPS battery life etc), but the all-new Tom Tom GPS sports watch, launched yesterday in Australia, will certainly turn heads if even for its sleek, modern styling and easy-read display (and we do like the ‘race yourself’ function). We haven’t got hands on a unit to bash it around the trails yet, so we can’t comment on actual useability…

Shoe review: Brooks PureGrit2

Grit and bare it? Happily says TRM Editor, Chris Ord, who finds the new PureGrit2 trail shoes from Brooks remain well within the comfort zone. “The Brooks Pure Grit 2 is the best trail running shoe I’ve had the pleasure of running on”. That’s not me. That’s the Running Shoes Guru speaking ( For my money, he’s not 100% on the money, but my foot is different to his. That said, and (assumed) anatomical differences aside, he’s still about 89%…

Gear review: Soleus Dash

Trail run coach Caine Warburton clocks on for a review of the Soleus Dash running watch. No it doesn’t have GPS – it’s new school old school like that… Soleus is not a brand you may have heard much about (only launching in 2008), but it is by no means a newcomer to the business of running watches. Soleus’ ‘Think Tank’ designers and engineers who once worked for Nike timing and currently work on Columbia and Converse watches. This ‘Think…

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